Marko Foam Products


    Marko Foam insulated boxes are perfect for the storage and transport of temperature-sensitive products/perishables. Containers are made from double-walled, durable foam providing consistent temperatures, great for shipping meats, seafood, frozen foods etc.


    Marko Foam has been providing versatile surfboard blanks that consist of a variety of high quality, 100% recyclable materials in multiple blank sizes that will give board manufacturers many options to work with.


    Marko Foam is a certified molder of Insulated Concrete Forms with experience molding some of the best Insulated Concrete Forms in the marketplace. Marko Foam also specializes in the manufacturing of concrete stamps.


    Marko Foam packing solutions include edge protectors, corner blocks, corrugated packages, insulated containers or even wine, beer and other beverage packaging products. Marko Foam is your one stop shop for your foam packaging needs.


    Marko Foam specializes in foam packaging of wine, beer and other beverages with its line of packing containers. Each foam packing container maintains temperature and protects fine wines, beers, and other beverages by fitting bottles snuggly into individual compartments.


    Marko Foam manufactures childrens toys such as foam gliders, ninja stars and other foam based toys children love. Because these toys are made from Marko Foam they are guaranteed safe and durable.


    Marko Foam specializes in custom foam molded packaging. We have the ability to customize any of our foam edge protectors, corner blocks, corrugated packages, insulated containers or even wine, beer and other beverage packaging products to your specifications.


    At Marko Foam we have a large selection of pre-made and customizable medical and packaging containers as well as die-cut foam pieces designed to your specifications. We have many foam packaging options for all your fabricated foam needs.

Foam Packaging, Insulated Containers and Other Foam Products

Since 1961, Marko Foam has been designing, manufacturing and testing the highest quality EPS products and packaging solutions available. During that time we have established ourselves as industry leaders in a number of different categories. At Marko Foam we manufacture many different kinds of products — insulated containers, construction building supplies, beverage packaging, toy and sporting goods, as well as custom-molded packaging for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), pharmaceutical companies, and military applications. When possible, we use 100% recyclable materials throughout our manufacturing process.

Marko Foam specializes in the latest fabrication and custom-molding production technologies and is the only West Coast company that designs and manufactures specialty expandable materials. These materials include; expanded polystyrene (EPS), expanded polyethylene (EPE), expanded polypropylene (EPP), and expanded co-polymer (ECP). Family-owned and operated with facilities in Utah, California and Mexico, Marko Foam can solve your packaging challenge and create your new foam product inexpensively and efficiently. We offer a wide variety of off the shelf or custom products. Marko Foam delivers quality at the competitive pricing you demand from an industry leader.

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